[TenTec] I guess no super duper add on for Omni.

Mike Brown k9mi at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 18 15:56:19 EDT 2004

Dan, it was George with INRAD that is working on (I wasn't
catching it all as he was talking to a friend) new roofing
filter or filter design for the Omni 6. Maybe someone else will
chime in with better details then I have.

73, Mike K9MI

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> Well, the guy that told us that a new add on for the Omni was
on its way must
> have been dreaming.
> Dayton is history and no sign of this great new thing.
> I guess he got a laugh on us.
> I can't remember his call.
> Maybe someone else on the TT list does.
> He should be remembered for future misguided information and a
not so good
> source.
> Dan N4VET
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