[TenTec] Re: [Ten-Tec] Omni VI birdie kit

Arthur Bernstein n2ka at optonline.net
Fri May 21 00:56:08 EDT 2004

What types of toroids are used in the mod? I have a bunch that slide 
over 1/2" (nominal) coax and are split , held in place with a grey 
plastic case. Unfortunately I don't know their type or specs.

Barry N1EU wrote:

>N6KB asked "The only folder that opens when I try it
>is the topband one. I have not been able to see the
>Ten-Tec folder. Is there another way to get there?"
>Ken, I bet you're not using Internet Explorer.  The
>Web page code does not render correctly in Netscape,
>etc.  Here are the direct links:
>Barry N1EU
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