[TenTec] computer CW my Argonaut V???

Tommy aldermant at alltel.net
Sun May 23 16:29:49 EDT 2004

I have been using YPlog for a little over three years. YPlog gives you the
option of using the sound card generated CW audio, or the parallel port. I
chose to use the sound card CW generation simply because via that method,
because with the CPU 'sharing' as it does in Windows, it does not interupt
the generated sound. I made a simple RS audio step-up xfmr and a four-diode
bridge rectifier to drive a NPN transistor, which keys my rigs. YPlog does
not decode CW. A  program that does decode CW is called CWget, however be
aware that very few CW decoders work well in normal rcvr background noise,
at speeds much in excess of about 55 wpm, if that happens to be your goal.

Tom - W4BQF

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I am going to fool around with the direct ins & outs to a sound card that my
new argo comes with.
Can anyone suggest a program to encode and decode cw, and how it hooks up?
I can see how it uses the line out for decoding cw, but how does the 'puter
key the cw?

Thanks to anyone who is already doing this!!
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