[TenTec] Jupiter For Scout Camp

Bert Braun, DD5XL maschinist at gmx.de
Mon Nov 1 15:35:09 EST 2004

ad9t_tentec at burnshome.org schrieb:

> A Ten-Tec Jupiter is currently the first choice.

> I have a few questions that I hope to have answered before ordering the
> Jupiter.
> Will a Kenwood MC-50 Microphone work well with the Jupiter?  We have two of
> these, and they are very nice microphones. The MC050 is a dynamic
> microphone, and can be wired for both low and high Z connections. 

Jupiter has a low Z input, so wire you MC-40 accordingly and it should 
work. You may then play with the TX ROLL OFF and TX FILTER BW in the MNU 
to find a good sounding modulation.

> We have several old Kenwood External speakers. I assume using one with the
> Jupiter is a bad idea because of the grounding peculiarity. I guess it is
> best to sell the Kenwood speakers and get one that is not grounded. 

The easiest way to use one of these speakers is to add a 1:1 audio 
transformer in the speaker line. Perhaps you can mount the transformer 
into the speaker cabinet if there is enough space.

> Should we get the internal antenna tuner? My current plan for an antenna is
> a large horizontal loop fed with open wire line.

The internal tuner makes your Jupiter more flexible, even when in 
portable use at homemade antennas. Get the tuner, if you have the 
additional money.

> The increased versatility and functionality of the external units
> would be nice, but I do not want to make the station difficult to operate.

The tuner has only one push button for activating the tuning process, so 
  it will not increase the difficulty of operation.

> We have a 20 A linear power supply. I know that some of the older Ten-Tec
> rigs needed a special power supply or circuit breaker for SWR protection.
> Will our power supply be OK? 

Hmm, 20A is a little bit tight, TT recommends at least 25A peak, my 
Jupiter draws 22A at peak output, so I use a 40A switching supply.
A circuit breaker is a good idea, but the voltage loss across it should 
as low as possible. The Jupiter itself has a 25A car fuse built in, 
accessible from the rear panel.

> Does anyone think I should chouse another radio?


> Thanks for the help.

73 de Bert

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