[TenTec] FS: Corsair II, PS 962

Gene A. Williamson genewill at ordata.com
Wed Nov 3 10:13:36 EST 2004

   Am nearing completion of my inventory reduction in advance of condo
living (ArgoV, K2, 200w PA). Wish to sell the following:

   1. Corsair II, late model with factory TX EN/OUT, no extra filters.
Works fine, looks fine, needs PTO rebuild. Ten-Tec offers $425 for
trade-in, and charges $75 for PTO rebuild, so I'm asking $350 for the
CII, plus FedEx Ground shipping from Eugene OR 97401.

   2. Power supply 962, likewise not a mark on it, fully functional. $150
plus shipping, as above.

73 "YW" Gene, N7YW
99.44% CW since 1958 (ex-K7DBV)

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