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Thu Nov 4 13:29:07 EST 2004

Check it with headphones. If it's loud through the headphones, try an 
external speaker. Both jacks are subject to not shorting properly and 
may need cleaning. 

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> Tnx for reading:
>   My buddy got an Omni6 Opt2 rig at a local hamfest.
> The radio is as clean as it gets but he is having trouble with the
> audio??????
> As all us old guys have hearing problems he claims the audio
> is too low. Is their an internal adjustment or maybe some other
> help. The radio may just have a malfunction. I had an Omni6
> that I had upgraded to Opt3 but this was a few years ago and
> I don't remember an audio problem.
> Agn mny tnx fer reading es Best 73 Morry K3DPJ
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