[TenTec] N4PY Orion Control

Jeff Griffin kb2m at comcast.net
Sun Nov 14 18:42:12 EST 2004

 How about making HF memories really useful. I always forget when net's 
start, and usually miss them even though I'm sitting in the shack doing 
something that has me thinking about something else. What would be nice is 
if you could program a memory to QSY to a pre-programmed frequency at the 
start of a net you want to hear. This would be a very good addition to the 
N4PY Orion software.  This is  already done with my Satellite tracking 

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: "Ron Hinton" <rjhinton at seidata.com>
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Subject: [TenTec] N4PY Orion Control
The memory files are a must if you are wanting to select your preset 
frequencies and recall them in a flash. I use this feature all the time. I 
particularly like seeing a reminder of the use of the frequency. Example I 
have one set for a SSB freq that I occasionally use and in the setup I 
stated "Sunday 8:00 SSB group"  this reminds me the freq is the group's 
place of meeting and the time.  When I call up that memory I will see the 
information on the program's display along with the frequency.

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