[TenTec] Service Pack 2 Won't Install (off topic!!)

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 15 22:48:28 EST 2004

Turn off Automatic Update... that should stop the reminders.  If you don't 
have a 'legal' copy of XP-pro or XP-home, SP2 won't install (Bill will let 
you know!). If you've installed over win98, SP2 might not install (sometimes 
yes, sometimes no).  If you have virus problems/spyware/adware/fouled up 
registry -- SP2 is likely not to install.  Look for a registry cleaning 
programme and use it; Make sure you're virus free (Google on Trend Micro).

You could try re-installing XP... it will save your old files and 
programmes, and last but not least, don't install SP2 if you don't have to. 
I can't think of anything it does better except that it's more annoying. If 
your machine works fine without it; you run with the XP firewall engaged; 
you use a reliable anti virus programme, then I would simply forget it.

jerome - va7vv
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> Forgive this,  another off a direct Ten Tec issue topic.
> The update seems to be downloaded just fine.
> But,  I cannot get SP2 for XP to install!  Gets about
> as far as inspecting the "registry"  then an error window
> appears:  "Can't read to or from the data base".....and
> all stops.  Another window shows up advising that SP2
> was not installed,  and all disappears.  Only to have the
> reminder window to come up later advising that updates
> are available to be installed.  This has been going on for
> around a month now.  I'd like to be rid of these continuing
> reminders,  or else get the silly update pack installed.
> How/what do I do about the data base reading issue....
> maybe just forget it,  hi.
> 73,  Jim W6KPI
> On the Garden Island of Kauai
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