[TenTec] Knife Switches and etc

Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.Net
Mon Aug 1 19:35:57 EDT 2005

In looking for one of these, I find that Surplus Sales of Nebraska does have 
"Big Knife Switch". This is a DPDT military unit which has silver plated 
knives and contacts, all mounted on ceramic standoffs.  Perfect for 
switching feedlines, grounding feedlines and such.  The unit measures 4" x 
8" x 4".  Based on the picture, probably good for 100KW or so.  They sell 
for $49 each!  Well folks, you wanted a good switch didn't you?  None of 
those $2.99 Home Depot, Radio Shack or Lowe's "project switches" for me.

Personally, I use the spark plug arrestor system on my balanced feed line. 
The arrestor unit is mounted on the tower at the point the feed line enters 
the house.  I actually made mine with a couple of small engine plugs, a 
couple of nuts that the spark plug threads fit, a piece of aluminum to 
support it all and a U bolt to secure it to the tower leg.  The feed line is 
attached to the top end of the plugs.  Gap is about 0.035" and it handles 
the legal limit on all bands.  The  "Wireman" makes these available as model 
#878 or #880.  My book list the price as $11.00 and 19.95 but these prices 
are somewhat dated.  Here's the link:  http://thewireman.com/prodpix5.html

Bob, K4TAX

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