[TenTec] Knife Switches and etc

George Allgood w4gfa at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 1 20:06:55 EDT 2005

I found some really great knife switches on the big auction site on the Bay. 
Porcelain bases with
large copper movements and contacts.  They had been removed from old houses. 
A bit of cleaning
and they worked fine.
The problem I encountered with ladder line through the wall and into the 
tuner was RF.
It was everywhere.   Stubborn, too.   Would not go away until I found a 
current balun,
mounted it about 6 feet from the shack then ran RG-8 Coax to the balun and 
through the wall.
The Omni 6 was fine, but the RF gave the computer a fit.

George Allgood

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