[TenTec] OT: Bug maintenance

Tim Soxman tims at hhs.net
Tue Aug 2 15:05:29 EDT 2005

A drop of sewing machine oil wouldn't be amiss.  It will inhibit 
corrosion on the little seen pivot and smooth up the action.  That's all 
I do to the 90+ Vibroplex keys in my collection.

Able2fly at aol.com wrote:

>T-T group,
>I'm assuming there are a few Vibroplex bug users  around here.   Wondering if 
>the pivot points of  an old "Original" (non jeweled) should be lubed, or 
>would that just attract  dirt or otherwise lead to problems? I see no sign of 
>lubrication on this  one.
>I just picked up a 60 yo Original Standard and find it fun to  use after 
>quite a bit of practice. A problem now is that my iambic  timing seems to have 
>gone to hell. Wonder if I'll be able to recover  ??
>Bill  K3UJ
>                    PS  Is there a list/reflector more suited a discussion 
>such as  this?
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