[TenTec] Wanted-Omni C

Charlie, W0YG w0yg at myawai.com
Wed Aug 3 18:33:22 EDT 2005

I have a pal who is trying to send the following message to the reflector 
but apparently has not yet joined:

G'day from Western Australia!

I am an enthusiastic low-band CW operator and looking for Ten Tec Omni C 
line - Omni C Tx/Rx (546C) with 500Hz filter, matching external VFO (243) 
and power supply/speaker.

Please could you contact me direct if you have any of the above that you 
would like to sell.   I have a friend in the US to whom these items can be 
sent, if necessary.

Many thanks!

Vy 73

Steve Ireland, VK6VZ
vk6vz at arach.net.au

Can anyone help?

Thanks and 73,

Charlie, W0YG..>> 

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