[TenTec] Mikes for old tentecs

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 4 17:12:05 EDT 2005

In answer to your question on mikes; most any high impedance dynamic mike 
would fit the radios if fitted with the Ten Tec 4 pin plug.  Such plugs 
should be available at the ham fest on Fri. and Sat.  Also, there is a ham 
store on IH 35 in Cameron Village shopping center, called Austin Amateur 
Radio Supply, and they had the 4 pin male plugs in the Philmore brand of 
accessories at one time.  This center is just north of IH 35 and 51st. st. 
and between Cameron Rd. and the Northbound IH 35 access road, just by 
Capital Plaza shopping center, and south of Hwy 290.

One of the common high impedance mikes seen in the swap meets is the Astatic 
D104 crystal mike.  Another are the older used mobile mikes, if you do not 
mind the hand held type mike.  The hams at the Quarter Century Wireless Club 
table in the lobby of Summerfest at the Red Lion Hotel, will usually be 
older hams familiar with the difference between newer low impedance mikes 
and a dynamic high impedance mike and might be able to help you judge if a 
certain mike for sale would fit your application.  Some of the younger 
sellers acquire older parts but do not know the technical specifications, 
sad to say.

I hope you might find a mike to your needs while you are in Austin.

Vy 73,
Stuart Rohre

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