[TenTec] Omni VI Plus Question

Tommy aldermant at alltel.net
Fri Aug 5 14:15:51 EDT 2005


In my opinion, your are not in a dilemma, you are in luck...hihi.

Of course the TCXO is a good feature to have. I'm not sure where it 
started in the later production run's of the Omni VI Plus, but Ten 
Tec switched to SMD components for some of the pc boards. That ONLY 
presents a little problem IF you ever have to do component 
replacement. I found the Omin 6 to be extremely reliable, like no 
failures in 11 years of heavy use. I've had my two Omni 6 Plus rigs 
less than six months, but certainly do not expect any problems with 
them either.

Tommy - W4BQF

At Friday 11:04 AM 8/5/2005, you wrote:
>I am planning to buy one of these....There are a couple available for sale
>and both are in good shape.  I was told that TT manufactured the VI 
>Plus  from
>TT also told me that the final run had the TCXO as standard.  Aside  from the
>later rigs being newer, are there any particular advantages of one  build
>year over another??
>My dilemma as that I found one that was built in 1999 and the other in  2000.
>  Which one should I choose??
>Ed NI6S
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