[TenTec] RF problem

Martin, AA6E martin.ewing at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 16:16:22 EDT 2005

All the recommendations so far are about treating the symptoms, not
the cause of your trouble.  You should not have so much RF in the
shack.  A balun or unun at your antenna and/or where your feedline
enters the shack would stop RF flowing on the outside of your coax.  I
have no experience with this antenna, but it looks like the coax could
easily pick up  induced currents.

73 Martin AA6E

On 8/5/05, Stuart Rohre <rohre at arlut.utexas.edu> wrote:
> You may need to experiment with ferrite bead location on each headphone
> conductor by sliding them along the wire to cancel RF.   When you find the
> "sweet spot" you can use shrink tubing and adhesive to attach the bead
> permanently in that location.
> Stuart
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