[TenTec] Corsair II and PS for sale

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Fri Aug 5 18:59:58 EDT 2005

Hi Travis,
  I'm very interested. Whats the condition?
          Thanks  Howard KA6IOB
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>I recently bought a Corsair II and 961 power supply but have decided 
> not to keep it. I'd like to offer it here for private sale before 
> resorting to the notorious site...
> It will need a little attention. There are a couple of spots on the 
> front panel of the transceiver where the paint has flaked off and there 
> are some scuffs on top of both cabinets. The frequency display has an 
> intermittent problem, probably just a loose connection.
> I'll be happy to email detailed pictures. I'll take $350 for the pair, 
> plus shipping.
> Travis N5AY
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