[TenTec] Strange Orion Encoder Failure

Glassrus glassrus at houston.rr.com
Sun Aug 7 02:29:31 EDT 2005

Yes I did a master reset. No change. How do I do a RAM reset, and what is
this typically used for?

TNX Paul

        Have you tried a reset?  A couple people I know of have had
"encoder" fails of the type you note (or, for example, they only count 1
KHz in either direction - RIT controls), and they have been fixed with
either a master reset, or a RAM reset followed by a master reset.  One
guy had to reload firmware, but he's not sure if it was that or just the
reset that went with it.  If the encoder counts in one direction, it's
counting in both, and some other logic is not allowing it to decrement.

        73,  Duane  (Oh, and I shipped your filter in today's mail -
First Class so should be there on Monday)

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