[TenTec] Assembling a TT Omni 6+ station (Bill - W5HTG)

BILL GREEN htgyyw5 at hal-pc.org
Sun Aug 7 10:42:01 EDT 2005

I want to put a TT Omni 6+ station together including a KW
linear and matching tuner.  Are there any significant differences
between the original Centurion linear and the rev B currently
being produced at TT?   Also are there any major differences
between the matching model 238 (original production) and the
current 238B tuner?   Are special interconnecting cables needed 
between the Omni 6+ and the Centurion?

I'm still looking for a late production Omni 6+ so keep me if
you are upgrading to an Orion II.  

           73, Bill - W5HTG

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