[TenTec] Switching relay for balanced line:

J. W. (Dub) Thornton dub at oklahoma.net
Sun Aug 7 14:33:50 EDT 2005


Thanks for the reply/info.  I have used a 80M horiz loop, fed with HB open
wire feedline, thru the wall, into the shack, for 10/12 years.  I do not even
OWN more than 100 watts, & this setup has worked very well for me.  I just
put up a 80M inverted vee ant, fed with the same HB open wire.  I want to
switch between the two antennas, OUTSIDE the shack, so I can select either/or
with the relay.

I am just being lazy, not wanting to stumble around ordering/installing relays
that may not be satisfactory for the job, when others have already 
"Invented the
Wheel".  One of the very regular posters posted such a setup about a week ago,
stating that the relay cost about 25 bux.  I was hoping to get 
specific info for a
relay that is proven to do the job.  Of course, the ole Johnson 
Matchbox relays,
or DowKey relays would do it, but both are kinda hard to come by.  hi...

"73" Dub

At 05:38 PM 8/6/2005, you wrote:
>Well, I didn't post such information to my recollection, but I do use
>relays to switch my open wire feed line. I have several double pole,
>double throw open frame relays out of old Johnson KW Match Box tuners
>that work exceptionally well for that application. (They are 115vac
>relays) I have also used 12 vdc Dow-Key coax relays for switching
>open wire feeders. Just tie the bodies of  two of them together
>(physically) and use a separate relay for each side of the feed line.
>Tommy - W4BQF

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