[TenTec] dead 9420 power supply

JACrux G3JAG at patents.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Aug 7 16:52:20 EDT 2005

Its heavy and tends to knock lumps out of your shins, but it never blows away 
in a storm .....   As I get ready to try to disconnect and drag the 9420 out 
from under the bench I've been looking at the local availability of spares. 
35 amp potted bridge rectifiers are easy; I got two for around $4.

But does anyone know of a substitute for the MJE-520 PNP driver used ahead of 
the 2N5301 pass transistors ?  Its listed as obsolete and no-one over here 
seems to have stock left,   (unless I want to buy a sackful for a minimum 
order price of $50 - $100.)
There must be something in a TO 126 encapsulation that will work ..... 
The other semicons seem fairly easy to get, and pretty inexpensive.

And as a side issue, does anyone have a 9420 with 2N3771 pass transistors in 
it ? Depending on whose ratings you believe, the 3771 looks like a good 
option;  my 9420 originally had at least one regulator board with 3771's. 
I just found it and the 3771's I swapped out many years ago.  OK; I know its 
sad to hang on to duff bits in the hope that one day they might be useful.
But at least I have a regulator board I can re-populate ....
Thanks in advance
73 John G3JAG

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