David Hammond dhhdeh at concentric.net
Sun Aug 7 19:34:00 EDT 2005

Hi Rick et al.,

Your plan will work flawlessly for the Omni V.9. As you know I have done the NB switch switch and will be doing the NB pot replacement in a few days. 

IMO the Omni V.9 is better than the Omni VI etc because the NR circuit is out of the IF chain, i.e there is No NR.  The Omni VI and VI+ leaves NR in the IF chain even when off and degrades the fidelity of the audio greatly. that's one of the many reasons why SSB on the VI sounds so pinched.

This rig remains one of my favorite receivers after doing Carl's fabulous CPU swap.

Will post my results of the pot change out in a few days.

73 de N1LQ

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