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Hello to  the list,
I have an Omni model 546, series C, s/n 546-44xx.  On the  lower left of the
front panel it says "Omni", not "Omni A" or "Omni D" and  the front panel is
different from the Omni D front panel pictured in the  manual I have.  Can
anyone please help me identify this properly, and  point me to the correct
Thanks and 73,
Mike  W2IY

Its simply the "Omni, series C". It is essentially the same  animal as the 
Omni D except for the capacity for a couple more crystal  filters. The manual is 
labeled simply "Omni".  The manual for units prior  to the "C" version was 
labeled "Omni-A / Omni-D". All 3 of the Omnis  (with the funny looking O) are 
still quite capable and fun to use  rigs.
Bill  K3UJ

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