[TenTec] Ten Tec gear for sale

Warren kk4iz2 at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 10 17:57:32 EDT 2005

We are selling some of the Ten Tec inventory we have.

420 Hercules II with Y cable   $1000
9423 remote  $80   *only if amp sales*
9420 Power supply  $500 *only if amp sales*

585 Paragon I voice board, tx Inrad filter, rcv 1.8 Inrad filter, RS 232 interface, FM board,   $1000

586 Paragon II voice board, tx Inrad filter, rcv 
1.8 Inrad filter,  $1500

564 Omni VI Plus  voice board, tx (Inrad filter, rcv 6.3 mhz 2.8,  2.4 ) ( TT filters 1.8 & .500) Inrad ssb mod ,9 mhz 2.4 TT filters  $2100
301 remote for Omni IV Plus   $60   *only if Omni sales*
238 ant tuner $375
705 mic  $75

We have all the manuals that came with the equipment. All equipment has been kept under a covered when not in use and I'm a none smoker.If a  photo is need we can send one of each peice of  equipment  by email.

You can contact me at kk4iz at bellsouth.net  or cell phone 205-389-4170 or home 205-755-9878 please not after 10 pm central time zone


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