[TenTec] Centurion Plate Current Meter

Henry Pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at worldnet.att.net
Thu Aug 11 18:22:05 EDT 2005

Mike - I fired up the Centurion -- The new plate meter is well damped --  
With a final plate current of 600 ma it goes up to 667 ma and drops back to 
600 ma - no undershoot with key up.

The grid / multimeter is not nearly as well damped -- With Ig set at 240 ma 
steady state , key down it goes to just about full scale 400 ma , down to 
160 ma , back to 280 ma , back down to about 180 ma  then two or three small 
swings to 240 ma . This  is how the old plate meter was . As a matter of 
fact I did not remember the new multimeter being that bad but maybe I just 
did not look at it that closely --  FWIW -- Hank K7HP

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>I am checking out a Ten-Tec Centurion 422 (2 x 3-500z)
> amplifier for a friend. This morning I fired it up on 20 meters
> (into a dummy load) for this first time. Everything looked
> good (output power, tuning, etc) except for the plate current
> meter. For some reason the plate current meter on this unit
> overshoots horribly (close to full-scale) and then oscillates
> back and forth a few times (~+/- 200mA) before settling to
> the key-down reading. Is this normal for this meter? The
> grid current/multimeter doesn't do this, nor does just about
> any other meter I ever seen.
> Thanks,
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