[TenTec] Paragon backpanel AUX +13.8 fuse

WB2RHM - Ben Antanaitis WB2RHM at ARRL.net
Fri Aug 12 21:36:27 EDT 2005

Thanks to all.

Allowing an unprotected external connection to the main power is a 
poor design point. This was probably compounded by using an RCA male 
to RCA male cable to the attached device. The exposed RCA male pin, 
with it's non-current limited +13.8V, was all too easy come in 
contact with some source of ground where the pin, and the +13.8V 
power source, became SHORTED causing an OPEN somewhere in the source 
wiring to the AUX +13.8V connector of the Paragon.

I will be tracing the path from power source to the external 
connector. I will add a 32V rated fuse in the line, probably a 500ma 
quick blow.

Again, thanks to all who responded.


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