[TenTec] Omni VI+ Keying

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Sat Aug 13 09:06:33 EDT 2005

No, Bob, I hooked the Key Pulser to the "KEY"
input of the Omni 6+ not the keyer paddle input.
Otherwise I would still be getting a string of CW
characters when I set the pulser to 100% instead
of a steady tone (I even varied the keyer speed
control on the Omni 6+ just to be sure that it
wasn't connected to the internal keyer). I think
Tommy W4BQF is correct that the firmware
upgrade that addressed the "micro-chirp" limits the
top-end keying speed of the Omni 6+. A friend
of mine who I spoke to on 75 meters last night
confirmed this. He said that if I go back to the
previous version of the Omni 6+ firmware, the
problem will go away.

73 de Mike, W4EF.................................

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> The Paragon is responding correctly.  The pulser is keying the keyer of 
> the
> Omni VI+.  Depending on the Keyer Speed of the Omni VI+ it will be
> different.
> 73
> Bob, K4TAX
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>>I just did an interesting experiment comparing my Paragon
>> 585 (aka "Paragon 1") to an Omni 6+ that I just picked up
>> on Ebay. When I connect my Inrad Key Pulser
>> ( http://www.qth.com/inrad/) to the Paragon, the forward power
>> reading on my Diawa CN-620B wattmeter reads in rough
>> proportion to the duty cycle setting of the Key Pulser (e.g.
>> if the wattmeter reads 100 watts at a Key Pulser duty cycle
>> setting of 100%, it read ~50 watts when the key pulser duty
>> cycle is set to 50%).  Thus, using the Key Pulser with the
>> Diawa wattmeter, I can tune my amplifier at a 50% duty
>> cycle and just double the wattmeter reading to get the PEP
>> output level, thus minimizing the wear and tear on the amplifier.
>> When I try doing the proceeding with the Omni 6+, the
>> meter reading at anything less than 100% duty cycle
>> on the Key Pulser is about 10% of the full-scale (e.g.
>> key-down) wattmeter reading. I haven't put the Omni 6+
>> on my O'scope yet, but it sure seems like it is truncating
>> the pulses from the Key Pulser significantly compared to
>> the Paragon. The keying speed of the pulser is 48 WPM
>> with a variably duty cycle (50 msec pulse repetition rate,
>> 0 to 100% duty cycle).
>> Anybody have any experience with this?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike, W4EF..........................................
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