[TenTec] Radios suitable for mobile operation

CATFISHTWO@aol.com CATFISHTWO at aol.com
Sat Aug 13 15:02:23 EDT 2005

I have a friend using a scout mobile ( with blanker) into hamsticks,  and he 
is quite happy.
I run a ft 847 in my pickup into a -3 and a commet for 6/2/ 440 and it does  
well. I have an ft 847 in both cars, into ATAS antennas and all 3 work quite  
well.  I use them with the motor running so the volts stay up.  its  fun 
running down I-5  in the central vally of california and talkinng to  brazil, and 
late in the evening on the way back I tuned up on the HHH net and  work 6 or 7 
states mobile....at midenite on 40, including a mobile in NEW  JOISY.
Its all location when you are mobile the higher the better or look for a  
long flat area, I used to use  ham sticks and a tuner but find the  screwdriver 
antennas easy to use. the ATAS's and the 857 self tunes 440mhz to 40  meters 
and the dk-3 is tuned for lowest swr on the meter.  takes a couple  of seconds 
to do.
a couple of ferrite beads on the electric fuel pump if it makes noise, and  
be sure to ground the radio to the chassis, ( a self tapping screw into the  
floor boards, ground the neg post of the battery to the chassis, and ground the  
ground side of the antenna mount.  
for a mount you can devise a gizmo to mount to the spare tire, or use a  
trailer hitch mount, or a trunk lip mount, or even  weld or bolt a piece of  metal 
out from under the driverside rear at a 45 degree angle. drill a hole in  it 
and mount the antenna there ( drivers side keeps it away from fingers on the  
sidewalk and you can see it in the mirror, and the trees are higher in the  
center of the road.
good luck, I enjoy running mobile, it is a kick.
tom N6AJR

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