[TenTec] Omni VI+ Keying

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at verizon.net
Sat Aug 13 23:27:37 EDT 2005

Hi Michael,

I don't know what version firmware is in my Omni VI version 3 radio. 
Maybe it has the "microchirp". No one has complained about it to me. 
I'll try listening to it with another receiver to see whether I can 
detect a chirp, and I'll also try listening to harmonics to exaggerate 
the chirp. As for as the duty cycle goes, I am seeing pretty darned near 
50% duty cycle when the internal keyer speed is at maximum. Gives a dit 
plus space duration of about 43 mS. The dits are 20 to 24 mS long 
depending on what part of the envelope you call the end of the dit. The 
rise time of the dit envelope is about 2 mS and the fall time is about 4 mS.

I see pretty much the same using external keying from my Logikeyer K-3, 
although they way I have it set up right now it does not go as fast as 
the internal keyer.

Do you have a number I can use to convert dit plus space duration 
directly to WPM?

When I look at it with the Bird 43 and set the power to 90 watts key 
down (I can't quite get 100 watts indicated, so I am turning it down to 
90 watts) the string of dits measures 30 watts. The Bird 43 scale is not 
linear, so this is about 50% deflection even though not 50% power reading.


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