[TenTec] Running AL-811 with Triton Transceiver

CATFISHTWO@aol.com CATFISHTWO at aol.com
Sun Aug 14 15:31:05 EDT 2005

I never use an ALC line, on any amp.  I usually tune the radio for max  smoke 
from the amp then back the power from the transciever down about 5 watts  or 
so. this drops the output down a tad, and keeps you in the linear area of the  
amp and the tubes last forever.
 I also use the "turn it up till it doesn't change and then back it  down a 
tad"  method.  the alpha has the plate current up to about 700  mills and it 
just quits increasing power out. Most amps have this point, so you  will 
initially tune it for the point when it doesn't increase power out with  increase of 
input from transciever. . that is the magic point and then back it  down a 
I used to try an alc line but like on the old ft 101's it would cause it to  
motor boat at about 15 cps..so tune it to max then back it downa a tad.. works 
tom N6AJR

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