[TenTec] Archiving originial TT boxes?

K. Indart kitdart at ntelos.net
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An ultrasonic rodent repeller will keep the mice away.  I had an infestation
in the attic, with tunnels in the fiberglass insulation.  They would come
down in the house during the night looking for food.  The pitch is too high
for humans to hear.  I placed one  in the attic and one in the basement, and
have not seen any mice since, for two or three years.   The other
consideration  would be moisture.  A dehumidifier in the basement will take
care of that.  Adjust it to where you don't have paper odors, or items that
are prone to absorb moisture.
Good luck,  73 Ken

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I have some old TT shipping boxes with foam inserts that I wish to store for
an indefinite period of time.
Some of them are probably over 15 years old, and I would like to find a
simple way to store them in my basement to keep them from aging, etc.
We have mice in this neck of the woods so some way of storeing them to keep
the mice out would also be appreciated..thanks....

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