[TenTec] ASTATIC D-104 ON OMNI6+

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 16 15:13:45 EDT 2005

D104 mikes come in two models.  Those older with high impedance output and 
no preamp/ matching amplifier, and the newer model with a circuit board in 
circular base with circuit to match to low impedance modern radios.   This 
is a two active device circuit that is widely available on the web so you 
could build your own.  The high impedance element wants to see thousands of 
ohms at the transmitter input.  You need to see which input your rig has.

The switch is the push to talk switch, if the bar on the side of the mike 
stand.  If a switch on base, it might have been to switch from high to low 
impedance in which case you are set for use with any rig.   The built in 
amplifier, impedance matching circuit used a battery, accessible from a base 
plate on the bottom.


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