[TenTec] Orion II auto-tuner behavior

NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Sat Aug 20 02:13:07 EDT 2005

An antenna tuner in the RX line as well as the TX sometimes hurts
performance rather than improve it.

For instance, if you are using an older linear amp without tuned input
circuits and have a high swr on a band, you use the tuner to match the
Orion's output to the amp's input.  When switching to receive, the antenna,
which is hopefully about 50 Ohms, has different impedance than the amp's
input, so you have a mismatch which can in some cases reduce the gain of the
RX an s-unit or 2.

I'd rather NOT have the tuner in the RX line.


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Are there any Orion II's in the field in the hands of beta testers?

1) Will the Orion II support memories for the auto-tuner to eliminate the
need to dump a carrier on top of people in the middle of a contest every
time you change bands?  And...asking for the moon...perhaps have 2 memories
for each band...one for CW end of the band and another for the SSB end of
the band.

2) Will the antenna tuner be in the RF path on receive as well?  It seems
that would help with front end rejection.

If it has memories I'll probably buy one.

Tom K2TA

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