[TenTec] CW Filters for Omni D

Douglas G. Bonett dgbonett at iastate.edu
Mon Aug 22 19:14:01 EDT 2005

Put your 250 Hz filter in the 0.5 slot and put an Inrad 600 hz (#763) or an 
Inrad 1000 Hz (#766) in the 1.8 slot. The insertion loss of a #763 or #766 is 
about the same as the 1800 Hz SSB filter. I am using the #763 in the 1.8 slot 
and it works great for weak signals in uncrowded conditions. 

Doug, N0HH

> The Omni has space for 3 filters, the standard 2400 Hz SSB, a narrow 1800 Hz 
> SSB, and  500 Hz CW.  I would like to instead use the standard SSB, a 500 Hz 
> CW and  250 Hz CW in these three sockets.  Apparently need to equalize gain 
> for the two CW filters.

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