[TenTec] 565 Orion v2.0 firmware released to beta testers

Randy K7RAN k7randy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 10:59:37 EDT 2005

Well, if there's no NDA, then there's no secret. I don't subscribe to  
Dick's notion that vigorous reflector discussions necessarily provide  
"distractions" for engineers. In fact, most engineers are familiar  
with far more malevolent distractions (like those in the executive  
suites with power who issue impossible fatwas) than anything  
generated by a public affinity group. In answer to Dick's "you can  
imagine the chaos" comment, the fact is that I cannot imagine the  
chaos he suggests; these kinds of statements reflect more of  
patriarchal propaganda than any empirical fact, which I will offer  
here: America Online (and many other companies, for that matter)  
routinely conducts public beta tests where literally millions of  
people can opt in and participate in vigorous discussions, and the  
"imagined chaos" does not automatically follow. I am certainly open  
to a better defense of this exclusive process than what Dick Green  
attempted to provide.

Randy, K7RAN

On Aug 24, 2005, at 10:34 AM, Dick Green WC1M wrote:

> There's no written NDA, but the beta testers have agreed to keep  
> information
> about beta releases and related discussions private. This is  
> necessary in
> order to provide an environment in which the testers and engineers  
> can do
> their job efficiently with minimal distractions. It also allows for a
> certain level of experimentation with new features that may never  
> see the
> light of day. You can imagine the chaos that would reign if every
> pre-release bug/feature became grist for the public mill.  
> Discussions among
> the beta test group are vigorous enough as it is.
> The Orion beta test group is pretty large and includes very qualified
> participants with a wide range of operating interests and technical  
> skills.
> IMHO, they've done an excellent job advocating for the interests of  
> the
> Orion user community, and TT has done an excellent job responding  
> to problem
> reports and suggestions. In fact, every issue discussed on the public
> reflectors has been the subject of in-depth discussions between the  
> beta
> testers and engineers before public release of each firmware version.
> 73, Dick WC1M
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>> Any ver 1.x owners here to suggest the specific concerns that
>> v2.0 should address?
>> I expect that receiver lockups should become a thing of the
>> past, whether the sweep is engaged or not.
>> What are the other "must" fixes?
>> Can anyone here using v2.0 report if any specific issue has
>> been corrected, or are early adopters bound by a
>> non-disclosure agreement for the beta test?
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>> Great news, Scott.  I wish you few if any bugs.
>> Thanks,
>> Scott K4VWK
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