[TenTec] FS: Ten Tec ORION

dbp@tds.net dbp at tds.net
Thu Aug 25 14:54:44 EDT 2005

ORION to offer:
 -New last September (9/9/2004)
 -Was delivered to factory for updating in March this year:
     -updated synthesizer board, power distribution board,
      and mic power supply circuit on cpu/dsp board
     -also replaced noisy relay, adjusted encoder tension, 
      checked alignment and operation, ran 24 hour burn-in.
 -Using 1.372 software flawlessly
 -I only use CW at not over 70 Watts, and QRP PSK
 -Box, manual, power cord, and accessory kit included. 
 - Not a scratch.
 ----Just an amazing receiver!
 $2800 here.

-I do have all the extra filters available, $50 for all three installed.
-I do have a TT desk mic. (705) available. $50.
-Also available is TT 961 power supply $100.

-Available is home brew antenna selector relay box which allows rig to automatically select the antenna to use on any band.
-Available is TT model 301 remote tuning knob (matches Omni 6, works fine with ORION).
-Available is MFJ Differential T tuner for easy antenna matching.

Will consider reasonable offers depending on what your needs are.

Please reply off list to:  dbp at tds.net
73 de Dave K1OPQ in NH

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