[TenTec] FW: 565 Orion v2.0 firmware released to beta testers

Tommy aldermant at alltel.net
Thu Aug 25 15:42:33 EDT 2005

>I propose that since Dick is clearly so much more qualified than the
>"average" Orion owner, he implement and promulgate standards and practices
>for Beta Testers.  Of course, with such work and responsibility, I think we
>should give Dick in the recognition he has so obviously earned.  I think we
>should all recognize him for what he is, a Master Beta Tester.
>Paul Rubin N8NOV

Well Paul, you would be almost correct. I say also simply because 
Dick, along with several other of the beta firmware testers do 
provide feed back on just about every beta release. Just the feedback 
that Dick has already provided on v2 would probably amaze you, if you 
could understand it. Reports of CW properties, SSB properties, 
interface properties and numerous other issues that should help Ten 
Tec with the firmware. This information is not Dick's 'guestimates' 
they are actual performance test he has made on his own and published 
back to Ten Tec.

If you have not volunteered to be a beta tester, you are being rather 
silly to take pot-shots at these guys, because you have no clue the 
amount of personal time they spend testing beta firmware, and I can 
tell you it is a significant amount of their own personal time. So 
stop your snide remarks and become a beta tester yourself and help 
with the process.

It is Ten Tec who asked for some confidentiality about beta firmware 
releases, each person who volunteers for this service is asked to 
respect their request.

Tommy - W4BQF  

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