[TenTec] Problem with Paragon I

Roger zrdc28 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 25 16:54:13 EDT 2005

I have a very excellent Paragon that I have had for
about 12 years. It has worked flawless all the time
until now. The problem is that if you turn the rig on
and then the power supply it works great unless the
battery is connected. If you have the power supply on
and turn the rig on it will never show anything but
dashes and will not receive or transmit. If the
battery is connected it will never come on regardless
of how you turn it on. I have changed batterys and can
find no problems. I did call the tech at Ten Tec and
he did not have any ideas, any ideas would be
appreciated. I sure hate to send my beautiful paragon
back but I may have to.

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