[TenTec] FW: 565 Orion v2.0 firmware released to beta

Chuck Gerarden cgerarden at atomix.com
Thu Aug 25 18:50:21 EDT 2005

Who on this reflector actually thinks and believes there is a large 
network of Beta testers that are testing version 2.0 software for
ORION I? I would agree there are probably a number of people testing the 
Orion II.  Call me cynical, but O I owners are going to be left twisting 
in the wind. Oh sure they can take the latest 1.372 ( or what ever the 
last release was ) and slap a 2.0 on it , but an actual an improvement 
in the interface speed and and real bug fixes are probably not possible 
due to processor limitations. Face it, O I was an experimental radio and 
O I owners are the test subjects. O2 has the hardware that supports what 
they said the radio  could really do. My O I works except for occasional 
crashes or lockups, but I will not be upgrading to O II. Actions speak 
louder than words and I am waiting for that action that TT has promised 
for O I  owners ( actually I don't think TT has promised anything more 
for O I owners, some people on the list just think O II technology will 
fix O I defects. seems we have list members making promises for TT!!!)


>Also, I would contend that beta testing an Orion requires considerably more

>technical expertise than testing a release of AOL's software. How many Orion
>owners out there have spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, frequency counters,
>etc., and know how to use them? How would the average Orion owner react to
>significant problems with a beta test version? IMHO, not well.

>Dick's Right. After all, how many Hams who spend $3000+ on a rig know how to
>use, let alone own a frequency counter, or an oscilloscope?  I'm sure these
>tools are constantly being used by the valiant Beta Testers struggling
>against insurmountable odds to evaluate the latest version of a software
>upgrade on a hardware platform that will not be changed.

>I certainly cannot speak for all "average" Orion owners, but I know that in
>my life, when faced with significant problems, I have found that kicking the
>dog, sucking my thumb, and hiding in the closet seem to help.

>Thank you Dick for protecting me from myself.  If I were a Beta Tester, I
>might do something wrong, and have to do a Master Reset on the Orion, which,
>without a spectrum analyzer, I would not have the technical expertise to
>perform, and would have to send the rig back to the factory.

>I propose that since Dick is clearly so much more qualified than the
>"average" Orion owner, he implement and promulgate standards and practices
>for Beta Testers.  Of course, with such work and responsibility, I think we

>should give Dick in the recognition he has so obviously earned.  I think we
>should all recognize him for what he is, a Master Beta Tester.

Paul Rubin N8NOV

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