[TenTec] FT-1000MP Mark-V/Field and FT-847 to be discontinued

Dennis O'Connor k8do at mailblocks.com
Fri Aug 26 08:06:34 EDT 2005

I currently own, and really like, a Mark-V... One of the very early serial numbers... When I bought it I could not expect Yaesu to produce the Mark-V forever anymore than I expected them to produce my FT-990 forever, or TT to produce my Model 563 and 564 forever (bought several over the years, great rigs), or that Drake would produce my TR-7 forever, or my R-4 forever, Likewise my Icom rigs, my Collins rigs, my Heathkits, Hallicrafters, Hammerlunds, Swans, Genaves, Dentrons, Henrys, and on and on... (gosh, I've had a good time!)  

You lose more money the day you drive your new car off the dealers lot than you will ever lose over your "new" radios being discontinued... Those who are wailing and whining about TT moving on to the Orion II, about V2 Beta testing, yadda, yadda, are being childish and need to grow up...


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