[TenTec] Orion vs SDR-1000

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Mon Aug 29 20:02:26 EDT 2005

The SDR 1000 is built here in Austin.  They have a Direct Conversion 
receiver, thus there are some limits to performance.

In addition, they are at the mercy of the sound card used when it comes to 
issues like turn around speed from transmit to receive.  Some sound cards 
are very slow to go from audio in to audio out use, and too slow for fast 
breaking CW.

So, check out their suggestions for top end sound cards to avoid issues of 
cheaper ones.

I think the Orion is way more radio than the SDR.  Remember the SDR is a QRP 
rig with an add on amplifier for 100 watts.  It is more of a concept, 
experimenter radio for software experimentation at this point.  The Orion is 
a much more mature product with a long lineage of break in transceivers 
behind it.


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