[TenTec] Orion vs SDR-1000

David W LeJeune, Sr lejeuned at centurytel.net
Tue Aug 30 20:14:03 EDT 2005

If Open Source software will put SDR vendors out of business, how do you 
explain the success of RedHat, SUSE and others that are benefiting from the 
Open Source movement started by Linux?

(an independent (for profit) software developer   :>)

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>> SDR-1000 is a big plus with few negatives.  You get faster
>> development (more man-hours of development and test), faster
>> bugfixes, and lots of creative exchange among users &
>> programmers all for minimum cost to the manufacturer.  TT and
>> other vendors, take note!
> By definition, the "value" of an SDR is going to be in the software, and 
> not
> in the diminishing number of hardware bits that front-end it.  Software, 
> as
> protected Intellectual Property (IP), is where the value is.  I agree that
> there's value in open source.  It's a place for experimentation and
> innovation.  Ultimately, it's value-less if it's free, and that puts SDR
> vendors out of business unless the open source eventually becomes closed 
> and
> proprietary, and therefore has value as IP.
> Flex is using open source (read that as free volunteer written software) 
> to
> add value to their hardware modules.  You get half a radio at something 
> more
> than half the price, and for now the entire back-end part of the radio is 
> a
> PC, soundcard, and free software.  As Flex's "half" shrinks where are they
> going to make a dime?  The user community isn't suddenly going to be happy
> about having to shell out several $000 for the FlexPRO software release, 
> but
> if that doesn't happen, the Flex will forever be a tinkerer's radio, even 
> if
> an interesting and fun one  ....
> Grant/NQ5T
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