[TenTec] Orion vs SDR-1000

Martin, AA6E martin.ewing at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 22:06:54 EDT 2005

There is no free lunch.  Sometimes there is a "pre-paid lunch".  Or
maybe software development work is paid for out of current sales
revenue.  I.e., if they stop selling Orions (I or II), how much more
"free" software will TT be distributing?  FWIW, I wouldn't mind paying
an annual software maintenance fee to TT if would result in faster
development or longer life for the product.

At some future date, TT and other vendors may have to decide if they
are in the hardware or software business.  The open source model works
better for software than hardware, so I hope we still have a few good
hardware vendors.

73 Martin AA6E

martin.ewing at gmail.com

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