[TenTec] Paragon PLL OUT OF LOCK

Jerry Volpe kg6tt at tomorrowsweb.com
Sat Jan 1 18:17:37 EST 2005

Well looks like the soldering approach is not going to work. Before you 
jump all over me please note that I am very good at that sort of thing. 
I even went so far as to remove the old solder, etc. I've traced out 
really all I can do with my limited test equipment. So guess it is to 
Ten-Tec. I suppose they will want me to send the entire transceiver and 
not just the two boards?

Sad way to start the new year. :(

Thanks to all for their suggestions.

Jerry, KG6TT

Jerry Volpe wrote:

> Well the dreaded PLL OUT OF LOCK fault has struck!
> My Google search showed three recomendations.
> 1) See if the small variable resistor is out of adjustment on the 
> Major Loop Board. This did not work.
> 2. Resolder ALL the solder trace connections on the Minor and Major 
> Loop boards. It was recommeded that I remove the existing solder 
> first. Many hours later, after careful comparisons to board image in 
> manual (I had to scan it, enlarge it and flip it to see from the 
> back). Checking redoing, checking and redoing.... No go.
> 3) Send it to Ten-Tec. Ouch, In 30 plus years of owning Ten-Tec 
> equipment I've always been able to fix it myself. :(
> The problem is on all frequency ranges.
> This Paragon has the original Major Loop board.
> Any constructive suggestions?
> Jerry, KG6TT
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