[TenTec] ORION - RF output is not stable

Robert Carroll rlcarroll at patmedia.net
Sun Jan 2 14:10:09 EST 2005

I spoke to TenTec about this about a month ago and what they told me is
exactly what Martin suggested as the reason for the apparent variation.
It's more apparent than real.

Bob W2WG

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I can repeat this in CW mode, especially when
adjusting for moderate power, around 50 W.  The Orion
power meter fluctuates by up to 10% a few times per

The good news is that the actual output power is
fairly steady, as seen on my external SWR meter. 
(There are fluctuations at the few percent level,
however.) The problem seems to be in the meter
circuit.  The Orion meter is driven by the firmware
controller (DragonBall) through a digital to analog
converter.  I think what we are seeing is noise in the
power measuring and/or DAC circuits of the Orion.  It
does appear to be cyclical, but that probably relates
to some software cycle.

I notice similar jitter in indicated power when
running PSK31.  I think it's something that TT needs
to  address with future firmware updates.  (Reported
to ditsnbits.)

A fast variation of +/- 1% is only about .05 dB in
power.  Nothing to worry about, but it is something
you would not see in a traditional analog rig.

best 73, Martin, AA6E

--- I2DMI <i2dmi at contestvolta.it> wrote:

> Hi,
> when transmitting a continuous "mark" in FSK mode, 
> the RF output power
> level of my new Orion is not stable.  (Same in CW
> with a long dash)
> The meter shows, each 4 seconds (+/-), a short dip.
> (auto-oscillation or
> software cycle?)
> Also the CURRENT  absorption  is not stable and
> continues oscillating  at 1
> second frequency. 
> Sometimes I can see a double dip.
> I tried different POWER SUPPLY but no change!
> Any idea, please ? 
> Thank you
> Frank I2DMI
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