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No, that was sixth dimension.  The Fifth Dimension sold a lot of records


[All right, before everyone chimes in on this one, there are about a half
dozen or so variations of the Twilight Zone intro, several from Rod Serling
himself, one from the movie, and at least one from the ill fated revival a
few years back.  But we don't need to go to the Outer Limits on this one...
besides, that was a different show...]


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> .....There is a fifth dimension beyond that, known to man. A dimesion of
> sight, sound and imagination. It lies between the shadows of man's fear
> the summit of his knowledge.
> That's the signpost up ahead, the Twilight Zone!
> Eerie music now please....
> Ron
> Wb1hga
> Ohhh Lawwwdy, we're back in the Twilight Zone...
> 73.245 1/2
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