[TenTec] Omni VI confusion

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at verizon.net
Sun Jan 9 14:54:27 EST 2005

You guys have got me confused.

"I notice that my used (new to me) Omni VI Plus upgraded to option 3"

I thought that an option 3 upgrade was something that could be done to a non-plus version of an Omni VI to make it nearly identical to an Omni VI Plus, and an Omni VI Plus couldn't have an option 3 upgrade. I have an Omni VI with the option 2 upgrade, and wish I have room for another 1st IF filter. I understood that the no longer available option 3 upgrade would give me this. Or I could just get an Omni VI+. Would I still need to upgrade the Plus version to "have it all"???

"I never shut the TT power supply off; but turn off the OMNI VI+. That way
the memory battery is maintained charged. Don't remember turning off the
P.S. in over 3 years, and never had your problem."

I have an Omni VI too, and I seldom ever turn it off, but not because I am concerned about the battery. The only battery I see in my Omni VI appears to be a lithium or mercury cell. As far as I know these cannot be recharged, and usually last for years, supplying only current to maintain a memory. I also have a Paragon, and it does have a 9 V battery, which (with the right modification) can be a rechargable battery and be charged when the power supply is on. I have never heard of anything like this in any version of an Omni VI. Is there really a rechargeable battery in some version of the Omni VI?


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