[TenTec] N1eu Orion static Redux!

NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Thu Jan 13 15:30:02 EST 2005

Steve, did you adjust the threshold?

I used my Orion is a thunderstorm during the IOTA contest last summer and
compared it to the TS-850.  After adjusting the AGC, it was fantastic,
hearing things while the 850's AGC was recovering.

Some have suggested I should have turned down the RF gain on the 850.
Was too late to try it.


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One thing that bothered me about the Orion was how the agc responded to 
static. I've noticed this characteristic in a few other receivers where 
a burst of static tends to totally mute the receiver and blip out a cw 
character. I had a TS-570 which did the exact same thing. I tend to 
blame it on an overactive agc. At first I thought I could juggle the agc 
parameters, decreasing the attack and decay time, but nothing 
seems to help. At the time I had the Orion, I was comparing it with a 
PROII. The PROII did not react to static the same way. My Omni VI's agc 
seems to almost ignore static and the cw comes right on through. 
So I really don't know what to call this phenomena. Don't get me wrong. 
The Orion's agc does a good job of keeping the audio level on an even 
keel and it doesn't have any problems with overshoot but it just seems 
to over react. 

N4LQ Steve 

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> n1eu at netscape.net (Barry N1EU) wrote:
> >I still think the Orion could do a better job with the basics of weak
> signal reception.
> Apologies, but I really should have qualified this statement.  I've
> posted before about my own comparisons that showed the Orion gives up
> nothing to the FT-1000D in this regard.  The Orion is as good as the
> competition, I just wish it were as superior in this respect as it is
> in close-in selectivity/IM immunity.  I've yet to see dsp of any flavor
> by any manufacturer as a consistent advantage in reading weak cw
> signals in noise, but I'm hopeful that it's just a matter of time till
> we have more powerful processing and smarter firmware algorithms.
> 73,
> Barry N1EU
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