[TenTec] N1eu Orion static Redux!

Lee Crocker w9oy at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 17:27:56 EST 2005

I've been working with Carl on a couple of ideas for 
his Orion program, and he has brought out the AGC
decay control on a slider.  Now you can adjust the
decay and threshold for any of 5 of the 6 ACG settings
available in the program. (the 6th being AGC off).  

For CW I have the fast setting set to 0 hang, then
prog1 to .3 hang and prog2 to .4.  Hang is readily
adjustable in the setup screen of the program.  If you
adjust the clipping for any of these by playing with
the decay in the program to where you just get
clipping and then back off the RF gain control on the
Orion until the clipping just disappears, you can very
rapidly set up the parameters to a best performance
for a given antenna/bandwidth/band/hang setting.  Note
that each of the AGC choices remembers its own
Threshold/decay independantly.  Once the RF gain
control on the Orion is able to be brought out to the
program (requireing a firmware change from ten tec),
he has added independent control of the RF gain for
the main rx and for the sub rx giving you maximum
control for example if you are doing diversity
reception.  You  gonna love this one... 

For SSB I have both MED and SLOW set up for
ragchewing, and the slow doubles for strong signal CW
ragchewing as well 

I agree this thing kicks...  
So does Carl and his program....

I love this radio!!!!


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