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A bit severe, don't you think.

Perhaps a moderator for the list would be in order.

Someone with a thick skin, quick wit and who suffers fools gladly.


Tim colbert  K3HX

PS  Know Crestview well.  Assigned to Aux Field #3 (now Duke Field)

    66-68.  Used to go into Crestview to the movie and heard the gunfire 

    ring out from different sides of town on Saturday night. 

-- "Jim Dunbar" <jdunbar28 at mchsi.com> wrote:
I recommend that the TEN TEC reflector be shut down.

Jim Dunbar
Senior Electrical Engineer
Advanced Programs Division
AeroSpace Integration Corporation
Crestview, Florida

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I don't get it. There has never been a perfect Ten-Tec. There has never 
been a perfect Icom... Kenwood.... Yaesu... Collins... whatever. Don't 
say there was otherwise why did you get something else?

There are sooo many Ten-Tec products to discuss.... but so many 'others' 
turned off by this continuous... "going nowhere" Orion banter. Why not 
just establish bug and wishlists for each version of the firmware.... 
somewhere! And then get on with discussing new things?

We don't have to paint a 'rosy picture'. Discussion good and bad is 
'good'. But there is a point of over doing anything. And for gosh 
sakes... if you no longer have a Ten-Tec or are not planning to perhaps 
get one there really isn't any reason for you to post here. It simply 
isn't constructive.

Those are my thoughts.... I am about 30 seconds from removing myself 
from this list as it doesn't  seem to have all that much to offer those 
of us that use other Ten-Tec gear and are looking for ways to use it better.

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