[TenTec] TT Orion

Ron Spencer ronspencer at nc.rr.com
Wed Jun 1 08:40:57 EDT 2005

Interesting reading. I've had an Orion for a bit over  half a year. I've
experienced almost all the short comings that have been hashed over on this
reflector. In fact I'm currently waiting for mine to come back from TenTec
after is decided to start transmitting on its own. But, in my opinion its
still a fine radio with advantages to those that will need what it offers.
In my opinion it really shines during crowded band conditions and/ or when
trying to copy weak signals. 

Sure there are short comings on the Orion. But, at least TenTec is working
on fixing them. Think of the other choices: you could be on iteration Pro 3!
I'd rather just spend my money once. 

So, in short, my take is this. There are many, many competent radios out
there that will work just fine. The Orion fills the gap where you need to
dig deep to pull out the DX who is light copy or who is in there in a
crowded band. That's why I got, and intend to keep, mine. 


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